Sachisa Aqua Spa

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    The Sachisa Aqua Spa to skin and hair problems!
    The quality of tap water leaves something to be desired, the TDS index attests to this fact. The effects of the water quality causes issues with hair and skin for numerous people, here at SACHISA we have an answer to this problem.
    Although called the AQUA SPA this device purifies the water that is used for showering and bathing, it has the following advantages:
    Hair is made of 3 key components:
    1. Protein (Keratin)
    2. Oil (Sebum)
    3. Pigment (Melanin).
    The presence of chlorine in bathing water damages all these components by:
    • Reacting with protein and increasing hair fall / damage
    • Reacting with oils and reducing hair shine
    • Reacting with pigments and increasing greying
    SACHISA AQUA SPA comes with a patented KDF filter cartridge that removes 95% chlorine, chemicals and heavy metals from the water.
    Hence, it:
    • Reduces hair fall
    • Reduces greying
    • Improves hair shine
    Special Features
    • Removes 95% of chlorine contained in water
    • Remove 98% of heavy metal contained in water
    • Remove chemical substance contained in water
    • Stop the growth of bacteria by applying FDG filter
    • Multi-layer filter to make filtration more effective
    • Reduce Skin Rashes and soften your skin
    • Easy installation

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