200 GPD 7 Stages RO System

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    Best Reverse Osmosis System (200 GPD) Water Filters UAE OMAN


    70% of our human body consist of water and getting the purified water is the way to a healthy life. Our Drinking Water System is designed to eliminate chemicals, salt, materials etc. from polluted water and giving you the finest and quality fresh water. We bring you variety of Drinking Water Filtration Systems for various applications with the modern environmentally safe Water Treatment Technologies. The Drinking Water Systems have following features which motivates you to choose Our products….
    • 20″ 5 micron Prefilter
    • 20″ 1 micron Prefilter
    • 20″ Carbon block Prefilter
    • Booster Pump – 2 Sets
    • Transformer – 2 Sets
    • Dow R.O. membranes(100gpd 2 )
    • Taste & Odor Filter
    • Mineral Filter
    • High/Low Pressure Swtich
    • Faucet & Installation kit
    • Solenoid Valve 3/8″, 1/4″
    • 48x32x83cm 28kgs (ARO-200GPD)

    Best Water Filter Suppliers in Dubai - Our insights

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