Has unclogging your shower drain become part of your shower routine since moving to Dubai? You’re not alone! In a 2020 study conducted by YouGov, as much as 67% of UAE residents suffer from hair loss. That’s an alarming statistic by itself, but when you compare that to the average global figure of 40%, there’s no denying the cold hard facts. And while hair loss can indeed result from a long list of various causes, the most obvious one may just be the lack of a shower filter in Dubai.

In the United Arab Emirates, the two primary sources of water are desalinated water and groundwater which, like many other sources of water, are exposed to impurities including disease-causing microorganisms. The good news is that water treatment plants use multiple disinfection methods such as desalination, coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and chlorination to remove harmful impurities from desalinated water and groundwater. Even better news, the composition of tap water in Dubai and the UAE is compliant with International Standards for Drinking Water from the World Health Organization (WHO). However, the not-so-good news is that some of these water disinfection methods leave behind traces of harmful chemicals long after the water treatment process is completed at the plant, all the way to the hard water in your shower head. Perhaps the best-known of these harmful chemicals is chlorine, but what is it? And does it really do more harm than good?

Chlorine: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Chlorine is an effective oxidizer added in water to kill disease-causing bacteria. Chlorination was first used over a hundred years ago as a preventive measure against life-threatening waterborne diseases. Today, it continues to be one of the most widely used and inexpensive chemical disinfection methods in municipal water treatment plants and even in neighborhood swimming pools.

However, as effective as chlorine is in preventing diseases ranging from mild diarrhea to life-threatening hepatitis, cholera, and typhoid fever, once chlorine is added to your shower water, it requires a special shower water filter to get rid of it. Left unfiltered, you may just discover for yourself the ugly side of chlorinated shower water.

Effects of Chlorinated Shower Water

Hair Issues

Hair fall, hair breakage, itchy scalp and complete hair loss are just some of the common hair issues Dubai and UAE residents face when showering in unfiltered and chlorinated water.

To understand why they happen, you only need to look at the three components of hair, namely protein (keratin), oil (sebum) and pigment (melanin), and how chlorine affects not just one, not two, but all of these components. First, chlorine breaks down hair protein resulting in hair damage and hair fall; then, it strips hair off its natural oils leaving it dull and dry; finally, it reacts with hair pigment which may lead to premature greying. What’s more, light-colored hair is more prone to chlorine damage than dark-colored hair, because light-colored hair contains less pigmentation (melanin).

The solution may not be switching shampoo brands for the nth time, but to finally purchase a shower filter for your hair.

Skin Problems

Hair fall is not the only reason why you should install a shower water filter in Dubai, because even if you choose not to wash your hair on a daily basis, chlorine’s harmful effects may still come in the form of dry skin, increased skin sensitivity, skin rashes and eczema. Chlorine doesn’t just kill disease-causing microorganisms but all other microorganisms as well, including good bacteria that keeps skin healthy.

Respiratory Health Problems

A visit to your neighborhood swimming pool is all you need to know that chlorine doesn’t smell particularly good, and neither does it do much good to your respiratory health! One of the lesser-known causes of your breathing difficulties, asthma, coughing, wheezing and fatigue may be happening right under your nose in the form of chlorine vapor in your shower steam. Bring back the joy of your long hot showers all over again when you purchase a shower water filter in Dubai.

Skin and Lung Cancer

Multiple studies suggest that chlorine is associated with the Big C. Chlorine promotes the generation of free radicals which are unstable atoms that damage cells and cause aging, illnesses and cancer. In a study published on Science News, researchers found a significant increase in chlorine gas in a group of participants after a 10-minute shower. The combination of inhaling chlorine vapor and absorbing chlorine through the skin’s pores led to a 2.7ppb-increase in chlorine amount in the participants’ lungs. This was greater than the chlorine amount that they would have ingested if they drank 8 glasses of chlorinated shower water. Other studies also suggest that showering in unfiltered chlorinated water causes malignant melanoma. When it comes to incurable diseases like cancer, prevention is definitely better than cure. Invest in a shower water filter in Dubai.

Pregnancy Issues

Pregnant mothers need to take extra care of their health – and those of their unborn babies too. But that extra care extends beyond a healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep, all the way to the quality of their shower water. In England, a study found that women who showered in unfiltered chlorinated water had a higher risk of developing pregnancy complications such as low birth weight, premature delivery, stillbirth and spontaneous abortions. While there’s no single reason for these pregnancy issues, it’s safe to say a shower water filter is the perfect gift for your next baby shower.

How to Choose the Best Shower Filter in the UAE

Now that you know that installing a shower water filter in Dubai may prove to be a lifesaver, it’s time to choose the Best Shower Filter in the UAE.

Here are a few questions before making that life-changing decision:

Who Should I Buy From?

Do your research on the Best Shower Filter in the UAE by visiting different company websites. A well-established presence and a strong technical background in Dubai, UAE and the region are great indicators of the company’s reliability. If they are already providing shower water filters in Dubai for the majority of households, they can do the same for yours.

What Are the Shower Filter Features?

Keep in mind that you are not just purchasing a shower filter for your hair, but also for your overall health and wellbeing. A shower filter should have a high effectiveness rate against chlorine, heavy metals and other chemical substances. Easy-installation and low maintenance would also be a huge plus!

What Are the After-Sales Service?

Now that you found (or think you found the Best Shower Filter in the UAE, how well do you know their after-sales service? A shower water filter needs regular maintenance. If your product and service provider is not transparent with you about your shower water filter’scleaning and maintenance costs, your shower water filter may do your family more harm than good.

Why SachiSa Offers the Best Shower Filter in the UAE

When it comes to brand reliability, product quality and after-sales service satisfaction, SachiSa Aqua Spa Shower Filter ticks all the boxes.

Brand Reliability

For more than a decade, SachiSa has established a strong presence in the UAE and Oman. We specialize in advanced water filter systems, offering a wide range of home and commercial products, including the SachiSa Aqua Spa Shower Filter.

Product Quality

TheSachiSa Aqua Spa Shower Filter is the best shower filter in the UAE. It has a high effectiveness rate, removing up to 95% of chlorine and 98% of heavy metals and chemical substances. Its FDG filter stops the growth of bacteria, so you can enjoy peace of mind with every shower. Best of all, its unique design makes it easy to install and requires very low maintenance.

After-Sales Service Satisfaction

Tired of sudden and untimely shower interruptions, service delays and overall poor customer service? Then it’s about time you switch to SachiSa.

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